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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Apple Music/iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
Ocean AvenueYellowcardOcean AvenueAlternative00:03:18175ôLink
Way AwayYellowcardOcean AvenueAlternative00:03:22179ôLink
Light Up the SkyYellowcardPaper WallsRock00:03:37143ôLink
Miles ApartYellowcardOcean AvenueAlternative00:03:32183ôLink
FightingYellowcardPaper WallsRock00:03:00180ôLink
AfraidYellowcardPaper WallsRock00:03:13175ôLink
Shrink the WorldYellowcardPaper WallsRock00:03:20174ôLink
You and Me and One SpotlightYellowcardPaper WallsRock00:03:57156ôLink
Five Becomes FourYellowcardPaper WallsRock00:03:30186ôLink
Date Line (I Am Gone)YellowcardPaper WallsRock00:03:22173ôLink
Cut Me, MickYellowcardPaper WallsRock00:03:34182ôLink

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