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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Apple Music/iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
Truth HurtsUsherConfessions (Special Edition)Rock00:03:37174ôLink
ThrowbackUsher featuring JadakissConfessions (Special Edition)Rock00:04:46168ôLink
Bad GirlUsherConfessions (Special Edition)R&B/Soul00:04:21176ôLink
CrashUsherHard II LoveR&B/Soul 00:03:31104Crash
Best Thing (feat. Jay Z)UsherHere I Stand (Deluxe Version)R&B/Soul00:03:54173ôLinkBest Thing (Main Version)
Hush UsherHush - SingleR&B/Soul00:03:11187ôLink
Trading Places UsherHere I Stand (Deluxe Version)R&B/Soul00:04:28146ôLinkTrading Places (Main Version)
MoreUsherRaymond v RaymondR&B/Soul00:03:49120ôLinkMore - Single Track
Without You (feat. Usher)David Guetta and UsherNothing But the BeatDance00:03:28128ôLinkWithout You (Feat. Usher)
Sins of My FatherUsherLooking 4 MyselfR&B/Soul00:03:56145ôLinkSins Of My Father
I.F.U.UsherLooking 4 MyselfR&B/Soul00:04:02166ôLinkI.F.U.
Hot Thing (feat. A$AP Rocky)UsherLooking 4 MyselfR&B/Soul00:03:27170ôLinkHot Thing

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