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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Apple Music/iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
Picture to BurnTaylor SwiftTaylor SwiftCountry00:02:57106ôLink
Our SongTaylor SwiftTaylor SwiftCountry00:03:24175ôLink
I Know PlacesTaylor Swift1989Pop00:03:15160 I Know Places
Shake It OffTaylor Swift1989Pop00:03:39160 Shake It Off
OursTaylor SwiftSpeak Now (Extended Version) (US: Single track)Country00:03:57160ôLinkOurs
The Moment I KnewTaylor SwiftSingle Track (U.S) Red (Everywhere else)Pop00:04:46126Red Deluxe 22 Tracks Edition 2CDs (6 Bonus Tracks) Only available in album from Amazon sellers.
We Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherTaylor SwiftRedCountry00:03:13173We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

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