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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Apple Music/iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
One ThingOne DirectionUp All Night (Deluxe Version)Pop00:03:17127 One Thing
Midnight MemoriesOne DirectionMidnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)Pop00:02:56158 Midnight Memories
Girl AlmightyOne DirectionFOUR (Ultimate Edition)Pop00:03:22169 Girl Almighty
DianaOne DirectionMidnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)Pop00:03:05172 Diana
Don't Forget Where You BelongOne DirectionMidnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)Pop00:04:01184 Don't Forget Where You Belong
Kiss YouOne DirectionTake Me HomePop00:03:03180 Kiss You
Gotta Be You (2012 US Version)One DirectionUp All Night (Deluxe Version) Pop00:04:03170 Gotta Be You
Rock MeOne DirectionTake Me Home Pop00:03:20169 Rock Me
One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) One DirectionOne Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - Single Pop00:02:37162 One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)
Why Don't We Go There One DirectionMidnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)Pop00:02:54160 Why Don't We Go There
Steal My GirlOne DirectionFOUR (Ultimate Edition)Pop00:03:48155 Steal My Girl
CloudsOne DirectionFOUR (Ultimate Edition) Pop00:03:52148 Clouds
Story of My LifeOne DirectionMidnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)Pop00:04:05121 Story of My Life

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