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Joyride (Omen)ChevelleThe North Corridor Rock00:03:37179Joyride (Omen)
Comfortable LiarChevelleWonder What\'s Next (UK, IRE: Deluxe Version only)Alternative00:03:43180ôLinkComfortable Liar (Album Version)
The ClincherChevelleThis Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) (Deluxe Version)Alternative00:03:43175ôLinkThe Clincher (Album Version)
Breach BirthChevelleThis Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)Alternative00:04:03117ôLink
Wonder What's NextChevelleWonder What's NextAlternative00:04:10145ôLink
Well Enough AloneChevelleWell Enough Alone - SingleRock00:04:20122ôLink
JarsChevelleSci-Fi CrimesRock00:03:19108ôLinkJars
Fell Into Your ShoesChevelleSci-Fi CrimesRock00:05:06154ôLinkFell Into Your Shoes

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