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Tune Artist Album Genre Time BPM Apple Music/iTunes Amazon MP3 Downloads
Evil Angel (Some versions explicit)Breaking BenjaminPhobiaRock00:03:40174ôLink
Topless (May be explicit)Breaking BenjaminPhobiaRock00:03:01175ôLink
FireflyBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not AloneRock00:03:08184ôLink
The Diary of Jane (Version may be explicit)Breaking BenjaminPhobiaRock00:03:20168ôLink
Simple Design (Version may be explicit)Breaking BenjaminWe Are Not AloneRock00:04:14185ôLink
Break My Fall (Version may be explicit)Breaking BenjaminWe Are Not AloneRock00:03:24190ôLink
Dance With the Devil (Version may be explicit)Breaking BenjaminPhobiaRock00:03:47104ôLink
FailureBreaking BenjaminDark Before DawnRock00:03:34154 Failure
The Diary of Jane (Single Version)Breaking BenjaminPhobiaRock00:03:20168ôLinkThe Diary of Jane

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