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KarmaAlicia KeysThe Diary of Alicia KeysR&B/Soul00:04:16169“Link
Teenage Love AffairAlicia KeysAs I AmR&B/Soul00:03:10175“Link
No OneAlicia KeysAs I Am (Japan: Single)R&B/Soul00:04:13180“Link
Try Sleeping with a Broken HeartAlicia KeysThe Element of Freedom (Deluxe Version)R&B/Soul00:04:08168“LinkTry Sleeping With A Broken Heart
Love Is My DiseaseAlicia KeysThe Element of Freedom (Deluxe Version)R&B/Soul00:04:01153“LinkLove Is My Disease
Put It In a Love Song (Feat. Beyoncé Knowles)Alicia KeysThe Element of Freedom (Deluxe Version)R&B/Soul00:03:15187“LinkPut It In A Love Song
How It Feels To FlyAlicia KeysThe Element of Freedom (Deluxe Version)R&B/Soul00:04:42142“LinkHow It Feels To Fly

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